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But at the party, even in front of the supervisors, it seemed clear that the disks had been getting out.In time, Glover became aware of a far-reaching underground trade in pre-release disks.“There was a lot of people down my way selling shoes, pocketbooks, CDs, movies, and fencing stolen stuff,” he told me.“I didn’t think they’d ever look at me for what I was doing.” But the burner took forty minutes to make a single copy, and business was slow.Glover was a “dropper”: he fed the packaged disks into the machine. They lived in the same town, Shelby, and Glover started giving Dockery a ride to work. Glover’s father had been a mechanic, and his grandfather, a farmer, had moonlighted as a television repairman.Dockery was a “boxer”: he took the shrink-wrapped jewel cases and stacked them in a cardboard box for shipping. In 1989, when Glover was fifteen, he went to Sears and bought his first computer: a twenty-three-hundred-dollar PC clone with a one-color monitor.

In 1996, a Scene member with the screen name Net Fra Ck started a new crew, the world’s first MP3 piracy group: Compress ’Da Audio, or CDA, which used the newly available MP3 standard, a format that could shrink music files by more than ninety per cent.Later, Glover realized that the host had been d.j.’ing with music that had been smuggled out of the plant. Plant policy required all permanent employees to sign a “No Theft Tolerated” agreement.He knew that the plant managers were concerned about leaking, and he’d heard of employees being arrested for embezzling inventory.He began working double shifts, volunteering for every available slot.“We wouldn’t allow him to work more than six consecutive days,” Robert Buchanan, one of his former managers, said.

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On a busy day, the plant produced a quarter of a million CDs.